Big Sur (day 1, part 2)

After the morning hikes, we stopped back down in the lodge to figure out which one we wanted to do next, knowing that Buzzards Roost was probably next step on the list. It was definitely challenging (more so than the first two of the day) and we took the steeper / harder approach.

Map of Big Sur State Park

Despite the challenge, it was a great hike and well worth the little bit of the workout we had to put in. They certainly wasn’t as challenging as some of them cover hikes we’ve done in the past. But we were both sweating and panting and breathing heavily by the end of it!

Hollowed out, post forest fire
Views of the trees on the way up to the top
Top of the trail
Video from the top
Looking west out toward the Pacific
Andrea perched at the top
Left: slower, steady climb up. Right: shorter but steeper and harder. We chose right. 😬
California Redwoods on the way back down
Andrea and the Big Sur River
The Big Sur River


One comment on “Big Sur (day 1, part 2)

  1. Josh says:

    It looks like Andrea is wearing the bridge as a hat

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