Colorado – summer 2022

Tuesday, July 26 (part 2)

The second hike of the day was going to be either Knife Edge or Point Lookout, even though we were both tired. We drove back north from the southern end of the park to the Morefield Campground area, which is relatively close to the Park Entrance. Despite our fatigue, we chose Point Lookout, which has a short but steep climb at its beginning, with lots of switchbacks. It’s about 400 feet up to the top of the mesa, with great views to the north and west, including Cortez and Sleeping Ute Mountain.

The trailhead

It felt good to burn some calories and get my heart racing, and halfway up I got a second wind. At the top we were rewarded with great views and had the WHOLE trail to ourselves. There wasn’t even anyone else parked in the amphitheater lot. In fact, the park itself was pretty quiet, perhaps in part because we were there on a Monday and Tuesday. Mesa Verde really is a fascinating place. I guess it’s a “lesser” national park and certainly not as popular as many of the others, but I’m certainly glad we visited.

Nearing the top of Point Lookout
Wait for it… 🐇
Point Lookout’s spectacular view, including looking down toward the Visitor Center
One more video from up high
A rainbow above the valley
Not a bad view… 🌈
The sky, the valley, the Mesa, the clouds…
All good things come to an end.


2 comments on “Colorado – summer 2022

  1. Elizabeth McIlwain says:

    So, if you are tired, don’t hike.

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  2. Thomas McIlwain says:

    Thank you for sending Very enjoyable!

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