Colorado – summer 2022

Thursday, July 28

Switzerland of America Jeep Tour! Because of a mudslide, we couldn’t go up to Yankee boy basin, like we had planned yesterday. But we were able to do a different drive up into the mountains above Ouray instead.

Their headquarters in town

It’s a very cool drive south of Ouray, back up the million dollar Highway, towards the Red mountains and Corkscrew Pass and Corkscrew Gulch. It was rainy and a little cold, but our guide and driver, Steve definitely showed us a great time! they were about 10 other people in the back of the truck with us, one big family from Texas, and three people from India. And one of those people, will be attending Wharton in just a few weeks!

Box canyon

Bear Creek Falls

After working our way out of town, we drove about five miles south toward County Road 20A and from there, we began making our way up into the Red Mountains.

Red Mountains:,_Colorado)

About halfway up
Views of Corkscrew Pass
You can see why they’re called the “Red Mountains”
Our chariot, with Andrea popping out of the top

The drive up was slow and wet and chilly but provided some great views of the Uncompahgre River Valley!

Looking back across the valley toward Imogene Pass

In 1999 or 2000, I came to Ouray with my family and my friend, Erik Volland. We did a similar tour on the opposite side of the valley and worked our way up to Imogene Pass, with views of Telluride below. It was an incredible adventure and lives on in family lore!

A lone columbine, the state flower of Colorado
This columbine has a great view!
Andrea near the top of the pass as the clouds roll back in…
The road back down
Some guy taking a pee
Another columbine near the side of the road
A moody day but great views!
A Jeep traffic jam on the way up as we are going back down (plus a “Go Eagles!” for the family of Cowboys fans 😏)
The bumpy descent
A few more Jeeps pass us as they’re going up

When we finally made it back down to the bottom, near the Million Dollar Highway, we were all a little wet and cold, but Steve gave us the option of going to see Ironton, which used to be a main mining town in between Ouray and Silverton but is now not much more than a Ghost Town. Of course, the kids in our group definitely wanted to check it out and it was an eerie glimpse into Colorado’s past.

Information about the Ghost Town
Not much remains but this tree still gets decorated for Christmas! 🎄
The Larson Brothers house, from the outside
The Larson Brothers house, from the inside (much creepier)

Despite the weather, it was an excellent excursion and Steve was a great mountain guide! If you ever make it to Ouray, I highly recommend the Jeep Tours.


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  1. joshuamcilwain says:

    So cool!!

    Josh McIlwain


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