Big Sur (Day 1, part 1)

Tuesday, April 12

After checking into the Big Sur Lodge on Monday night, and having dinner nearby at the Taphouse, we woke up Tuesday morning ready to hike and explore and be in nature. We had breakfast at the lodge, gathered our gear, and set out for three hikes up into the hills above the Big Sur River Valley. The first two were connected to each other and were great ways to stretch our legs and get our butts moving: Pfeiffer Falls and Valley View.

Sign for the two trails for our morning hike

Both hikes were work but not exhausting. And both hikes gave us great views! The falls were beautiful and the valley view of the Big Sur river all the way out to Point Sur and the Pacific Ocean were gorgeous.

Pfeiffer Falls
The Falls
Video of the Falls
Valley View with Point Sur and the Pacific Ocean behind us
Valley View / Point Sur
Wild irises on the hike back down to Big Sur Lodge


One comment on “Big Sur (Day 1, part 1)

  1. says:

    Love this stuff man… so happy and proud of you guys

    Josh McIlwain


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